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Salads Gone Bad

Salads are often a go to meal when people try to eat healthier and for good reason. A medium to large salad can get you a ton of leafy green veggies, other veggies, and even some fruit along with some lean protein. The problem can arise when we assume that all salads are healthy. Things like nuts, dried fruit, cheese, and copious amounts of dressing can all be problematic when trying to prioritize health. Things to avoid OR use less of: -creamy dressings, instead opt for vinegar based dressings -Nuts (especially candied), Opt for seeds instead or go light on the nuts. -Cheese. Skip, go light, and/or use reduced fat -Breaded or fried protein Things to Do/include: -Get dressing on the side, limit to no more than 2-4tbsp. -Double Protein portion -more veggies (peppers, onion, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) -Add colors (fruit, beets, radishes, etc.)

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