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A Healthier You

Support Jeff Tirrell Fitness with your own swag.  Current clients earn free gear for every 3 consecutive months with 8 completed in person sessions or 80% completion of remote workouts/lessons/habits..

Strength & Stamina

Over the last 20+ years I've trained in a variety of different shoes (Nike, wrestling shoes, Altra, New Balance Minimus, Brooks, and Merril).  Xero shoes are hands down the most versatile shoes out there.  For general overall cross training I would recommend the Prio, while the HFS is a great shoe if you do a lot of running (particularly on harder surfaces).

Affordable, 3rd party tested supplements.  SAVE 5% with code: TIRELL at checkout.

While supplements should not be the backbone of your nutrition it is likely that the convenience of certain supplements (protein powders, fish oil, vitamin D, etc.) may help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.  I've used True Nurition since 2006 and have always been super happy with the quality, value, and customer service.



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