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Mz3 Heart Rate Training monitor

JTF uses the industries leading Heart Rate training technology.  The Mz3 is not only the most accurate heart rate tool on the market, but the MEP (myzone effort points) gamify your fitness experience so that people of all levels, gender, and age can compete with each other based of effort.  Never questions whether you worked hard enough again.


Ancore Training System

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A versatile cable system for home, even in small spaces.  At the fraction of the cost of standard cable pulley system machine and taking up virtually no space.


Support JTF Studio wherever you are.

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Herbal Medicine

Affordable, 3rd party tested supplements.  SAVE 5% with code: TIRELL at checkout.

While supplements should not be the backbone of your nutrition it is likely that the convenience of certain supplements (protein powders, fish oil, vitamin D, etc.) may help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.  I've used True Nurition since 2006 and have always been super happy with the quality, value, and customer service.

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