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My Kid is Fat

Is your child overweight?

This is a common concern parents will address with me. Here are some things to consider. -Are you overweight? It is rare that a child will be overweight when their parents are at healthy body weights. Likely because they will mirror your eating and movement behaviours -What is their eating environment like? The same healthy eating environment that works for adults works for kids. And as the parent it's up to you to set your child up with good habits early on. Environmental factors that tend to make the biggest difference include: 1) Avoiding DISTRACTIONS while eating (no tablet, phone, tv, games, movies, etc.), just focus on the food and people you're eating with. 2) Eating SLOW. Meals should last 20+ minutes. 3) Stopping at 80% full/satisfied. They shouldn't feel full, uncomfortable, or like they couldn't go do their favorite activity after eating. -Are they active doing things THEY enjoy 60+ minutes every day (honestly from the experience with my own 4 children I think 2 hours is much better as their mood and sleep all seem better). The environmental habits are likely the most important paired with doing activities daily (for long enough) that your child likes. Two other key habits that will likely go a long way though is to include 1 palm sized portion of lean protein at each meal, 1-2 fist sized portion of veggies, and 1 fist sized portions of fruit or whole minimally processed carbohydrate. For the love of God, please don't tell your child they are over weight, need to watch what they eat, exercise more, etc. Simply love them, model good behaviors, set their plate and eating environment up for success, and support the activity that they enjoy. Whats your biggest struggle when it comes to feeding your kids?

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