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Just Add Water

One of the foundational nutrition habits that we work on with many of our clients is water intake. Typically shooting for around 1/2 ounce per pound of bodyweight or 60-100 ounces per day for most individuals.

There are a number of reasons for this habit. Optimal hydration is associated with better performance, increased metabolic rate, and less hunger.

One often overlooked strategy for increasing fluid intake is eating foods with a higher water intake. Things like watermelon, Oatmeal (prepared with hot water, or even rice all hold a considerable amount of water (the former being the most, the latter the least). These food items (and many more) increase your daily water intake. They help fill you up, keep you full longer, and help you feel like you are eating more food, therefore feeling less deprived.

Need help finding sustainable strategies for healthier eating or to make movement a part of daily life? Shoot us an email or apply on our website for coaching.

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