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Does JTF Studio Offer Classes?

Will the Jeff Tirrell Fitness Studio offer classes?

I've gotten this question from multiple people over the last few months. The short answer is no. Here's why. When most people say classes they think of a large group, themed workout. This could be a TRX class, Kettlebell class, Yoga class, Spin class, Zumba, etc. While these all have their own benefits, can be fun, and are all great options to get yourself moving they tend to fall short of a complete and well rounded fitness routine. In my experience over the last 22 years most individuals are lucky to get 3-4 days per week of purposeful, deliberate exercise in. If we then spend some of those limited exposures to purposeful movement on one tool (e.g. Kettlebell or TRX) or modality (Yoga-mobility/stability, Spin Aerobic/conditioning) then we are likely missing out on some key elements that should be getting trained weekly. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week (minimum) and 2 days of strength training per week (minimum). If we assume hour long workouts (seems to be the norm for many) this comes out to 4.5 days per week of doing purposeful exercise/activity. If we go with shorter workouts then that number goes up. Since many struggle to get in the required activity each week, it doesn't make sense (to me) to spend any of those sessions focusing on only a single fitness modality. At Jeff Tirrell Fitness we address every area of fitness throughout each training session, individualizing for the persons age, gender, goals, training background, injury history to make sure that they train everything they need to be a healthy, confident, resilient, thriving individual. 1) Mobility/Stability: This is addressed for 5-10 minutes during our warm ups or movement prep. 2) Speed/Power: Scaled to the individuals abilities, we transition our warm ups into speed and power work. For non-athletes this is often a neglected area of fitness, and one that drops off rapidly as we age. 3) Strength/Toning/Hypertrophy: About half our total workout time (20-35 minutes) is spent making our muscles, tendons, and ligaments stronger and more resilient to injury. This should be the base of any good training program as everything else flows from here. 4) Aerobic work/conditioning: We cover this during much of our strength training as we utilize Myzone monitors to ensure we are in a "cardio" zone throughout the entire 20+ minutes of strength training. Then we spend the final 5-10 minutes on additional aerobic work and higher intensity work. So if you come into JTF studio for just 2 days per week you will have hit every area you need for a well rounded fitness routine, dotting your I's and crossing your T's. You would have gotten your two days of CDC recommended strength training AND 120 of your 150 minutes recommended aerobic work. With membership you get free at home (or commercial gym) training to compliment your studio workouts, so that remaining 30 minutes is all taken care of as well, you just need to find the time. Or if you prefer you can use additional training days to do a fitness class somewhere that you enjoy.

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