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Intense Workout

In Person Studio Training

1 on 1 and Semi Private Personal Training

Forget cookie cutter workouts that could be torn out of a magazine. Exercise science dictates that we find what movements and programming style work for you. Don't waste another day doing workouts designed for someone else. Based on your orientation training sessions and our 25+ years of experience, we're able to deliver you an ever evolving plan that's just right for you. We give you your sets, reps, exercises, and progress you appropriately so you never feel lost again and see continuous progress the whole time.


Online Training & Nutrition Coaching

Carry a personal trainer & nutrition coach in your pocket wherever you go.

Our App gives you access to your own personal coach all the time. Get a training plan built around your schedule, available equipment, exercise experience/limitations, and goals. Progress trackers and regular contact with your coach help give you the support you need to succeed. 

When it comes to nutrition coaching, just like our training approach, we tailor our approach to you. You are unique, which is why fad diets don't work long term. To completely change the way you look and feel long term, you need a sustainable approach that allows you to still have a social life while getting bad ass results!

Outdoor Exercise

Senior Strong Class

Improving Quality of Life Regardless of Age

Getting old doesn't have to mean losing your ability to enjoy your life. We focus on improving mobility, strength, balance, and stamina.  We believe that you can continue to do the things you love with confidence. Allowing yourself to be free of fear and age with strength and confidence.

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Jeff Tirrell Fitness

Build strength, confidence, resiliency and get into the best shape of your life.

Whether you want to look, feel, or move better, we've got you covered.  If you've got 2-4 days per week, we can help.

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Client Testimonials

Real Results, with Real Purpose


When I started the program I felt sorry that I did not do more to maintain myself after having my first child. I had some bleeding after a workout early on in his pregnancy and it freaked me out, so I stopped doing anything strenuous. I remember trying to do a sit up after he was born and I couldn't even do one. Prior to being pregnant I would do at least 100 every night. I just felt so defeated, and my general pattern is to just not try if I don't think I will be successful/good at something. So now almost ten years later I blamed myself for allowing myself to deteriorate. I appreciate this program and Jeff's help so much; I feel like it is manageable for the most part and is allowing me to see that I can get back on track. My body has carried and birthed five human beings! It has aged. It is tired. But I am discovering that it is still capable of improving and I know it can even thrive as I make these changes.

Chelsea Polk


"Jeff tailors the training sessions to meet his clients' needs and capabilities, while providing enough challenge to make every session worthwhile and variety to keep it interesting. I highly recommend Jeff Tirrell Fitness for every age and fitness level."

Cara Stewart


Jeff is great. He follows-up and provides regular feedback. He provides support when I need it. He has kept me moving forward and I am very happy to have his support through this journey.  I have recommended the program multiple people. It is extremely simple and easy to execute. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and look forward to reaching previously unimaginable fitness goals.  I've shaved off 2 minutes off my mile run pace and hit a 1 mile run and 5k run PR in the same week.

Jeff Wood


This is the first time I’ve been able to push my vacuum without pain! I’ve struggled with it for five years and since the remote training plan it’s gone! Even physical therapy didn’t get rid of it. I thought it was gonna be with me forever. I’ve cleaned homes and offices for 30 years. Thanks so much for the push to get moving and keeping me accountable . Starting where I am with what I have!

Anne Quinn


I had been trialing Boomers and another place on my off days, but nothing compared to the workouts I get with you. I knew that would probably be the case but needed to do the research for my own curiosity!

Traci Sperry


The pace of the program is what has helped me so far. It has allowed me to feel on top of things and not overwhelmed. If necessary, I can modify workouts to make them more stressful (or the opposite), which still gives me control. On top of that I'm playing the best golf of my life.  People keep telling me how great I look.

Jeff Harris


When I first started, I was going through physical therapy, so my workouts were designed to compliment my PT. Earlier this spring during an assessment, we found out my heart rate was shooting up like crazy, making my asthma worse. Jeff recommended I get a heart rate monitor and used some prior research to develop a workout for me tailored specifically to condition my heart and asthma. The personalization is key.

Nicole Pearson


Jeff’s understanding of training programming is better than any I’ve ever experienced. You can be confident in following his guidance.

Kirk Wiley


I really like all of my strength training plans. They are always a good way. I really appreciate the attention that has been given to the overall strength gains I’ve experienced, but especially my shoulders being improved. I’m no longer fearful of them having any problem at all. Thanks a bunch!

Susan Lonie

Male Portrait

I would highly recommend Jeff and taking on this program. I am a 47 year old dad who joined Jeff on a 60 day pilot earlier this year and had a ton of success and it totally met my expectations. In total, I lost 12 lbs, changed my mindset around nutrition and increased my overall fitness. To add, Jeff was outstanding to work with!

Scott Lynch


Jeff is very good at encouraging all ages and levels of ability. Workouts can be challenging, but he listens to your needs and goals, and will help you modify the workouts to meet those needs and goals.
You won't regret going with Jeff.

Gay Adams

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